Promotion and spreading of Spanish sign language area

To reach high levels of recognition and to spread its action framework becomes, without any doubts, our main in order to articulate new programs. To carry on these objectives, we intend:
- To encourage the learning of the Spanish sign language among deaf people, hearing impaired or deaf blind people, and among hearing people, as well as among groups with special needs as people with autism, with cerebral palsy or with serious difficulties to speak.
- To encourage the presence of the Spanish sign language with quality criteria, in the public administration and in the mass media.
- To organize events (conferences, workshop, symposium, lectures, etc.) related with the different fields of the CNLSE.
- To promote agreements in order to spread and raise public awareness about the Spanish sign language in different contexts (education, culture, health, etc.)
- To encourage the mutual collaboration between the Spanish Center Subtitling and Audiodescription (CESyA) and CNLSE in order to promote and develop sign language, subtitles and audiodescription as compatible and complementary communication ways.