Research and development area

The research activity has played an important role on the process of recognition of the Spanish sign language. Nowadays, there are more and more disciplines that consider sign language as a research topi and the scientific applications which are the result of these researches play a very important role in the development of new guidelines. The analysis and the study of the Spanish sign language will guarantee the standardization process ant the implementation of new scientific horizons which will contribute, without any doubt, to improve the life of the users of this language. Our main aims are:

- To encourage studies and other works about grammar, translation and interpreting, historic and modern lexicography of the Spanish sign language and any other aspects related with the needs of the linguistic community of users, increasing the link between teaching and research.

- To develop a database of studies and researches about the Spanish sign language and other sign languages to enable the exchange of teaching, professional and research materials.

- To offer a virtual library service.

- To offer document support to public and private institutions concerning sign language.

- To promote the study and analysis of the different ways in which deaf people, people with hearing and visual disabilities and deaf blind people learn sign language, as well as how this process takes place for people with autism, with cerebral palsy or with serious speaking troubles.

- To collaborate with other autonomous regional centers and international institutions of sign language with similar objectives as those of the CNLSE.

- To participate in national and international research projects, especially with the European and Ibero-American countries.