Standardization of Spanish Sign Language area

From this area we intend to contribute to the complex process of standardization from two aspects: corpus and standard use. We are guided by an integrated vision in which the accomplished actions would feed the new policies and measures developed regarding the Spanish sign language, taking always into account the reality of its community of users.

In this way, our main goals are:

- To propose measures for the linguistic standardization of the Spanish sign language and to carry on the required researches and analysis for its monitoring, evaluation and updating.

- To ensure the correct use of the Spanish sign language.

- To promote the needed actions to incorporate the Spanish literature heritage to the Spanish sign language.

- To take care of users enquiries and to develop reports about the Spanish sign language and within our competences, when required by the government, social agents, associations of disable people and their families, and the public or private institutions relate direct or indirectly to it.

- To answer the public administration requirements about issues such as the design of the professional profiles linked with the Spanish sign language in areas such interpreting, research and teaching, according with the social needs and the labor market, as well as designing the required skills and knowledge needed for these professional qualifications.